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Gear ratio is an important aspect of mechanical engineering that helps make machinery and a lot of things work, especially when it comes to rotational mechanics. Gear action always plays a major role in mechanical science, especially when dealing with two gears where rotational speed is dependent on the measurement of each interlocking gear. The role that gears play 9n our everyday lives is very important as it is primarily responsible for transmitting motion. From cars, bicycles, heavy machinery, lifts, conveyors- you name it. Anything mechanical that travels on ground is likely to have gears in it.if The general rule of gear ratio As a standard rule when a study involves the action of two gears, where a bigger circle has more gears and if it functions as the driver gear that provides the rotational force then the driven gear turns faster and vice versa. The basic concept, therefore, follows the formula of gear ratio = T2/T1, where T1 value is the number of teeth that comprise the first or drive gear and T2 with its value of the number of gear teeth. if Determining the ratio of a gear train

To determine the gear ratio of a two-gear train, you need to have two gears engaged on a mechanism called a gear train. There is a drive gear that is the one attached to the motor and provides the rotational force and a driven gear also called the idler gear. Use a marker or indicator to help you mark off the first gear tooth that you counted to avoid losing count, then count the number of teeth of the driven gear. Using the gear ratio formula, all you need to do is divide the number of teeth of the driven gear with the number of teeth of the drive gear and the answer is the value of the ratio equal to one. if Finding the gear ratio of multiple gears beyond a train of two Finding the gear ratio of multiple gears would also need a similar process of counting each of the gears that comprise the gear train. For this instance what matters for the gear ratio is the first and last gear, or the driver and the driven gear. Idler gears or those that come in between do not matter. So the same equation follows where the driven gear is divided by the driver gear. The value of which becomes the ratio compared to one whole turn. if Why the need to determine gear ratio The primary purpose of determining gear ratios is that it is crucial to determine speed and torque for gear boxes. It has a lot of uses not just for automobiles but for precision applications like the speed of conveyor belts running on an assembly line, determining the speed of revolutions for manufacturing industries,, among many others. Gear ratios also determine torque which refers to the turning or twisting force- which can also indicate the amount of force for a push or a pull. This force is measured in pounds.



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