How It Works?

You can hack a rumble robot by tinkering it with am Arduino microcontroller and enjoy seeing it tumble around and avoid obstacles like an intelligent robot. As you might know a regular battling rumble robot can only do some basic stuff without much functions other than tumble and move around, but hacking the system may allow you to have fun with it. Even just the act of modifying it can give you loads of fun and excitement that will make you want to make some more just to see them move around the like they are equipped with some sort of artificial intelligence. if Break it open Put in batteries into your rumble robot to check if all the switches, tires and levers are working properly. It usually requires four batteries. There are commonly several switches on it like the power witch and the team selectors (A and B). If the robot is functioning properly, it will say its name and once done, simply remove the cover and take out the batteries.

Remove the head by unscrewing it from the body. You can find a little phillips screw on the neck. There is another one at the lip at the front of the head which might be a bit difficult to remove but can be managed with a little twist and turn. if Apply some tweaking Once you have removed the motherboard from the head and the body, use a small screwdriver to pry the tabs that secure the board down to the frame, which will then show you a small black microprocessor just about the size of a small aspirin tablet. You may need to have some skill in soldering wires because this is where the fun part comes in. As you see the pins of the microprocessor so that wires can be connected. The first priority is to rewire the pins of the four major connections that operate the drive motors, which are connected to the H-bridge that would activate the motors to turn clockwise or counterclockwise. A connection for power needs to also be soldered to provide power to the motors on for each of the rotation directions- forward and reverse. Below is a guide for which pin to connect to the appropriate motor

  • Pin 1.0 left motor- forward
  • Pin 1.1 left motor -reverse
  • Pin 1.2 right motor -forward
  • Pin 1.3 right motor reverse
if Install the brain Connect the other end of the wires to the Arduino controller with the white connector to serve as the ground wire and the rest of the four wires in the appropriate terminals. Connect the whisker sensors to their respective areas in the front, sides and back of the robot to enable them to change directions when the sensors are activated. You may also install a ping sensor to that will help it avoid getting into obstacles level or a sudden drop that will help the robot change directions aside from the whisker sensors. Make sure to connect and install back all the parts and connect a USB cable from your Arduino board and upload the software into the robots system.



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