If you happen to play with Sims 2, then you know that a robot is called a Servo. They basically do the same things as Sims except that they do not age, have babies and have three needs. Servos only have four needs and they are power, social, fun and environment, also, you can have fun controlling them once you know how to make them playable. It can make your game interesting and more fun. if How to make a playable robot Servos can be very helpful when you are playing your game as it can do a lot of things that can help take on some tasks that you can leave them alone to do. To create your own playable Servo, press Ctrl+Shift+C, which opens a cheatbox and type in the entry boolproptestingcheatsenabled true without symbols or other characters. Mind the lowercase letters and the spaces in between. Once done, quickly enter an occupied lot and hold the Shift key and click on any Sim then choose Spawn followed by new servo. This would activate a Servo that would appear beside your Sim. If by chance it does not appear, simply choose more until it shows up.

Select the servo that shows up and select initialize then choose a gender for your Servo. Females would look the same as males, except that females have eyelashes, a bow and dress as formal wear. A window for the text box appears where you could type in a name, just type in which would power up your Servo and would be ready to take your commands. if Options and features If you want to build your Servos in the usual manner without going through the cheat process, you can create it from the non-evil robot workbench, where your Sim will eventually earn a gold talent badge in Robotics and will make you build your own Servos after playing several levels. Each Servo built costs 3000 units and would take around eight to twelve game hours to complete. Servos are equipped with artificial intelligence and may be able to work independently once you are able to configure your set of commands for your playable robots. For the Sims2 version, the Servos are less susceptible to the environment as they are devoid of hygiene, comfort or temperature. They also do not need to be fed. The Sims 2 Servos are controllable and can build relationships except have babies. It also has many of the emotions, get a job and work with others and may even be able to own a business. Servos can work better than maids or butlers and since they can be controlled, you can assign them to do the work. Remember that your servos can only be activated in a residential or occupied lot, but not on a community lot or college sub-neighborhood. You cannot sell any activated Servo, only an unactivated one can be sold for an average price of 6210 units.



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