What may have started out as a dance craze for some back in the 1980s has become one of today’s most popular dance moves that transcend the test of time. The appeal of this dance move could be due to the fact that it becomes an unconventional dance move that usually takes its inspiration from nature and while the robot dance is one that was inspired by a man-made creation. But no matter what the origins may be, it is a fun and somewhat crazy dance move that can be modified or improvised with a lot of movement variations- with all just mimicking the inanimate and mechanical movements of a robot. if Do the robot history It all started back in the 1980’s by popular music icon Michael Jackson, when he began revolutionizing his dance moves in tune with the popular electro-funk genre and made it the ideal dance moves for it. It then began to get popular attention from teens, who were amazed by the fun and creative manner of the dance move.

One of the best come-ons of the robot dance is the fact that it does not require dancings skills like jazz, ballet or hip-hop where you need to memorize some routines, which are often done as an interpretative expression of a message or that of the song that is playing. When you Do the Robot, dance movements are more mechanical and do not require much movement in itself, except the ability to mimic the movements of a robot. The robot dance movements usually follow a geometric pattern, for which the dances are more performed by way of hand and feet movements, either incorporated with jerking motions or fluid and way motions. The characteristics of the robot dance are that your body parts would seem like it moves independently from the rest, where you get to make the most out of your joints to execute these moves. if The starting routine Basic Do the Robot dance starts with both arms starting the entire routine, either by way of bending or raising it, with forearm swinging motions pivoting from the elbows but with immobile shoulders. It is also accompanied by a twisting movement of the upper torso and also lifting the shoulders up while they get to sink down quickly. This is often concluded with an exaggerated shrug prior to moving on to the next move. As you would try to make it to the next movement, it is the head that usually does the first turn either left and right, then followed by the torso towards the same direction, then with the shoulders turning towards the same side. It is then followed by the movement of the legs to simulate a robot walking towards a specific direction. if Improvise and be creative As you get to practice doing the robot regularly, it gives you the ability to improve your moves day by day and give you the ability to innovate your other moves. Many modern dancers have incorporated other dance moves with the robot dance, which are often combined with break dance moves and other acrobatic or gymnastic routines.



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